Microscopy traditionally involves static posture, head forward posture, awkward reaching, and intense visual demands. Try to incorporate some of the tips below to make sure a microscope is set up optimally for you:

  • Make frequent postural changes, plan breaks, and use cuing devices such as a timer, watch, or pager
  • Position microscope as close to you as possible with eye piece being at eye level
  • Pad work surface edge and area where forearms and elbows will be resting
  • Use external monitors when feasible
  • Alternate between right and left hands for manipulating controls
  • When purchasing new equipment consider having controls be located on both sides and adjustable eye pieces
  • Remove clutter, cabinet doors, etc.. to allow you t o move close or directly in front of microscope
  • Blink often and focus on an object 20 feet away every 20 minutes to relax the eye muscles