Speech Recognition

It is exciting that Mac and PC users can now use their voices instead of their hands. Using speech recognition software, even for a short while each day may have dramatic impacts to some employees comfort.

4/7/15 Lunch and Learn Presentation: Speech Recognition

5/19/19 Lunch and Learn Presentation:

Mac Dictation/Speech

Mac Resources:

Dictation & Speech

How to Enable Dictation & Speech

Advanced Commands Set Up

Advanced Commands

1 Minute for Safety-Mac Dictation & Speech

Talon Speech Recognition

PC Resources:

Windows Speech Recognition Commands

Windows Speech Recognition Feature

1 Minute for Safety-Windows Speech Recognition

EH&S offers orientation for those interested in using Speech Recognition software (e.g., Dragon NaturallySpeaking) for employees using Windows and Mac computers. Further training is essential for productive use of this software, and is available from outside vendors. Contact Melanie Alexandre for questions and personalized assistance in determining if speech recognition is right for you.