Ergo Training

EHS0059- Ergonomics Self-Assessment for Computer Users (Online)

  • Required training for guests and employees who work 4 or more hours on the computer
  • Web-based self-evaluation of postures and work habits (~45 minute course)
  • Includes training on good computer use techniques and rest breaks
  • Provides personal risk profile (high/moderate/low) and recommendations to improve your ergonomics
  • Self-Assessment Checklist is available

EHS0058- Ergonomics Self-Assessment “Refresher” (Online)

  • After completing EHS0059 self-assessment & training, EHS0058, the “refresher” is required annually
  • A 10-minute self-assessment of postures and habits that does not include ergo training
  • Provides individual risk profile and recommendations to improve your ergonomics

EHS0062- WorkSmart Ergonomics (Classroom)

  • Required training for all employees who regularly lift items of 20 pounds or more on the job on a regular basis
  • One hour course on manual handling/lifting techniques and body mechanics to avoid work-related injuries

1 Minute 4 Safety Slides

  • A single slide format that offers helpful information & techniques covering a range of topics to improve your ergonomics, i.e., laptop use, mouse use, monitor placement, arm support, rest breaks and managing your work load