I am a Hybrid Worker

A Hybrid Work arrangement is one where an employee is required to work on-site for a portion of their time, but can telework effectively from an alternate non-Lab location for the balance of their work time

Here are a few things for hybrid workers to think about...

Consider updating your EHS58 online ergo self assessment profile/refresher to reflect the location where you will be spending 50% or more of your time.


Here is a link to a helpful resource: Ergo Considerations When Returning to Berkeley Lab

If just coming back to work on-site:

  1. Take a fresh look at your work to make sure your safety is front and center. Have a 'beginner's mind' to ensure all of the hazards and controls for you to perform your work are in place. EHS has three checklists that can help you look at safety issues in various work areas: Office, Laboratory and Shop.

  2. Do you have all of the needed ergonomic and IT equipment you need to safely work in both locations? Berkeley Lab will support two workstations(one at home and one on-site) and related accessories if supervisors determine these are necessary. Click here to access full details about Flexible Work Toolkit V2.

  3. Contact your supervisor to see if you have approval to obtain a second set of accessories so you can work comfortably at home and on-site.

  4. If you are working at a shared/hoteling station click here.

If you need to order items for on-site, everything can be found in eBuy. For example: most keyboards, mice, and IT accessories can be ordered through CDW. Other accessories such as footrests, wrist rests, and laptop stands can be found on Staples/Guy Brown. You can also access the Berkeley Lab Ergonomics Catalog for commonly ordered items.

Tip: in eBuy you can click on the Ergonomics icon to access many of the commonly ordered items from various vendors in one location.


If you need to order items for telework, everything can be found at eBuy Telework Catalog. You can visit telework.lbl.gov for further details.

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