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The Way We Work

The EHS Ergo Team has assembled helpful resources; no matter where or how you work.

Ergo Resources for Supervisors and Employees

Resources to help you work or support your staff better

Not sure how to set up your computer office station?

Click here for some helpful videos you can watch to help provide you useful tips to work comfortably.   

Ergo Advocates are key to the success of the LBNL Ergonomics Program as the 'first line of defense' for providing proactive & preventative ergo support

The Newest Ergonomic Trends

It's not a break, it's a recharge.
What is a recharge? Click here to find out more.

You recharge your devices, how do you recharge yourself?

Video Conferencing Fatigue
at the Berkeley Lab

Video-conferencing or Zoom fatigue can be an issue for many Lab employees as it can impact productivity, health and safety. The Ergonomics team has prepared a paper and a number of tips that Lab employees can use to understand and help combat this fatigue. 

If you have any inquiries or are seeking counsel on how to reduce Zoom fatigue, please contact and the EHS Ergonomics Team will be happy to support. 


The  Berkeley Lab Ergonomics Program provides ergonomic support and services to help optimize employee safety and comfort; with the ultimate goal of reducing the likelihood and severity of ergonomic-related discomfort and/or injuries.  The Ergonomics Program provides ergonomic evaluations, consultations, and training for offices, labs, shops and material handling areas. We also stock ergonomic chairs, input devices and accessories for you to test or purchase. 

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