Need  some tips for creating a shared/hoteling station?

As more workers return on-site Divisions may be planning to utilize their work spaces differently.  Shared/ hoteling stations are becoming  more prevalent. 

Below are  recommended items , planning tips, and QR codes  that can be helpful when creating a shared/hoteling station.  Please contact  if you need any assistance.

Recommended Items

Note: No computer system will be provided.  Workers must bring their own laptops, power cord, keyboard, mouse and headset.


Items that should be included at each hoteling station:

Optimally, equipment and accessories should be standardized for ease of use and continuity.

Note: EHS Ergo Team recommend single surface vs bi-level sit/stand desks if Divisions are purchasing for hoteling stations due to ease of use.

Note: EHS Ergo Team recommends if Divisions are purchasing Steelcase Leap is a very versatile chair that is recommended for hoteling stations

Planning Tips

Tip: an example of what is included in the type of space and standard equipment can be found at: Reserving Operations Workspaces Website

The EHS Ergo Team has created various resources Divisions can place these directly on shared/hoteling stations or ergonomic chairs on laminated cards or pages for easy reference for employees. 

Employee can access the QR codes for easy reference with a phone camera to helpful information to make the shared station comfortable and safe.

How to adjust a chair

 Divisions can decide to place these directly on each chair for easy reference on how to adjust the chair. 

Unique QR codes are also available for each ergonomic chair.