I am an Onsite Worker

Onsite  work can present some challenges and may involve doing repetitive, awkward, or forceful tasks that can take a toll on your body.   

There are numerous resources so you can help yourself,  obtain  needed accessories /equipment  or get 1:1 assistance.

An ergonomics evaluation is when  an Ergo Advocate or EHS Ergo Team member partners  with you 1:1 to help you optimize  the safety and comfort of your work area.  You can request an ergo evaluation any time for any of your work locations... office, lab or shop.  We  especially encourage employees to report discomfort early and request an ergo evaluation right away. 

Ergonomic Resources to Help You Take Care of Yourself

Find out about all of the onsite chairs.  All you need to do is find the picture of your chair then learn how to adjust it

Find out how to adjust single and bilevel styles of sit/stand desks

Learn about resources such as stretch break software, keyboard shortcuts and  speech recognition tools

Looking for  Even More Ergonomic Resources? 

Ergo Advocates are available to assist you with addressing your ergo needs such as performing preventative evals and  how to to get or set up equipment.

Contact the EHS Ergo Team at ergo.lbl.gov or 510-486-6848 for any ergonomic- related  questions or inquires.

This catalog is for on-site purchases ONLY.  

This catalog is for telework purchases ONLY. For additional details about teleworking, go to Telework.lbl.gov

In Building 26 room 004 we have ergonomic chairs and accessories you can demo. We stock many of the items so you can take them with you to try out.  Contact EHS Ergo Team at ergo@lbl.gov  to make an appointment

Taking time to recharge and moving often are  key to preventing discomfort. RSI Guard is a customizable break reminder software that is available to all employees.