Using a Shared/Hoteling Station

How do we work safely? We adjust and set up our workstation every time. We know working directly on a laptop for prolonged periods of time can lead to potential ergonomic problems.  Please take time to ‘make it mine every time’.  

Various resources have been created to help you get started and work safely and comfortably at a shared/hoteling station

How to get started at a shared/hoteling station

Important note: Division shared/hoteling workstations may vary. 

No computer system (no laptop/ tower/CPU) will be provided. Workers must bring their own laptops, power cord, keyboard, mouse and headset.

Follow these few simple steps:

  1. Find a Chair and Adjust

Need help? Go to: How to adjust a chair

2. Set up your Keyboard and Mouse

Note: Shared workstations do not have keyboards and mice. Be sure to bring your own with you every time.

a. Need to obtain a keyboard and mouse? Everything can be found in eBuy. For example: most keyboards, mice, and IT accessories can be ordered through CDW. Other accessories such as footrests, wrist rests, and laptop stands can be found on Staples/Guy Brown.  You can also access the Berkeley Lab Ergonomics Catalog for commonly ordered items. You only need supervisor approval.

3. Connect the keyboard, mouse, computer, printer, wifi, etc...

How to connect to printers:




How to connect to Wifi:

How to connect adapters, dock and monitors with Dell and Apple laptops: 

4. Adjust the table

5. Putting it all together

a. Chair should provide good support

b. Keyboard and mouse should be at a comfortable height and reach

c. Monitor height should be at a comfortable height and distance

6. Remember your Settings

Take a picture; including the table height readout to keep on your phone for future reference.

7. Get up and move…

RSI Guard, a break reminder software is available for free download. 

Think of this workstation similarly to what you do when you get into a rental car; you automatically adjust your seat, mirror and steering wheel.  When working at a shared workstation you need to take a few minutes to adjust your chair, keyboard, mouse, and monitor in order to ‘drive/work safely’ throughout your work day!