I am an Employee

Are you new to the lab?  Welcome!  We are very fortunate to have many ergonomic-related resources available.  If you need any ergonomic-related support or assistance please contact ergo@lbl.gov or you can reach out to your Division Ergo Advocate.  

Elements of our Safety Culture

Request an Eval

You can request an ergo evaluation at any time for any work area. An ergonomics evaluation is when  an Ergo Advocate or EHS Ergo Team member partners  with you 1:1 to help you optimize  the safety and comfort of your work area.

Speak Up

If you see something unsafe (or feel discomfort); say something.  We acknowledge that it may be difficult to want to speak up; especially when you are new, but we have a culture that encourages and expects employees to speak up right away.  

Work Pause

It is okay to do a work pause for any reason; a questioning attitude is essential to ensuring you and your co-workers safety.

Safety and Well Being

It is okay to advocate for your safety and well being.

Pre-Job Briefing

Before starting work do a pre-job briefing… by asking questions such as:  Has anything changed?  Is there anything we need to do differently to ensure the work can be done safely?

Talk to your Supervisor

Have regular conversations with your supervisor. Let them know if you are having any difficulties with tasks, managing your workload, project deadlines or priorities or having discomfort.