I am a Supervisor

Supervisors are valued partners in  ensuring employees can  safely and comfortably perform their work.   

You have the opportunities to  interact with employees  and shape the labs safety culture in positive ways.  

As a new supervisor, we want you to know you have many ergonomic-related resources that can assist you and your staff in  doing or supporting great science .  It is important to note that ergonomics is NOT just for office work.  It is especially  important to integrate ergonomics into safe lab work, material handling tasks,  as well as ensuring  designs, usability and planning projects are 'human' centered.

  We have found that proactive  supervisor support and preventative interventions are key to preventing ergonomic-related injuries. 

 Here are some things to get you started.

Three Simple Questions You Can Ask

Video Message from EHS Ergo Team

Supervisors have the power to create a strong safety culture by asking three simple questions.

Watch this video (4:15) to learn more.

Whether you supervise employees who work in labs,  do material handling or work in office  it is important for you have regular conversations with your staff about their safety and comfort. Here are  three questions you can ask employees during your 1:1 meetings.

Things You Can Do

Request Ergo Evaluation

You can view and request an ergo evaluation for your employees for any/all of their work areas. An ergonomics evaluation is when  an Ergo Advocate or EHS Ergo Team member partners  with  employees 1:1 to help them optimize  the safety and comfort of their work areas.

Activity Manager

You can include ergonomic-related hazards into Activity Manager for all work planning activities. This will trigger specific controls; including training.  We are  also happy to assist in safe work planning.

Inquire about comfort and safety

Most office ergonomic-related  injuries were reported late; several months or weeks after the onset of symptoms.   It is important for you to inquire about employees comfort and safety on a regular basis.

Plan ahead

Lack of planning and staffing changes can lead to increased workload and increased ergonomic risks.

Early Reporting

You can promote a culture that promotes early reporting of discomfort or any safety-related concerns by having regular discussions with your staff

Work Pause

Some employees may be reluctant to speak up ; especially to  people of authority (like a supervisor). Encourage employees to do a work pause,  have a questioning attitude and  welcome sharing of ideas.

Promote Safety Culture

The first year  for new employees  is an especially  important time to emphasize and promote our safety culture.; especially for workers who work in labs.

Talk about Ergonomics

There are One Minute for Safety slides on various topics; including ergonomics that  you can use to facilitate discussions during meetings. The EHS Ergo Team is always available to join meetings to provide  customized and relevant  discussions on ergonomic-related topics.